08.+09. Februar 2018 | FEMMEQ Summit London

About the Conference


Women and men around the world are awakening to the conditioning that has shaped our lives, aware of what we’ve inherited and how we’re operating in a system that no longer serves us. The way we’re working isn’t working.
FemmeQ: Feminine Intelligence is a global movement launched in 2016, when 140 people from 15 countries gathered in Berlin.

The Rise of FemmeQ
FemmeQ is the intelligence that enables us to apply our acquired knowledge and skills to address the critical issues we face in the world today. It is the capacity that allows us to be responsible guardians of humanity and our planet

International Women’s Day 2018

In this 2-day Summit we will explore:

Above all, that feminine intelligence: the wisdom, qualities and values of the feminine must be rebalanced with the masculine to shape a future we will be proud of – what are these qualities and how doe we embody them?

  • Positive inner work is essential for effective outer action – what does this mean in everyday life?
  • Healing is more than just physical, we all need to heal our wounds – why is this important?
  • Standing up for what we believe in, is better than sitting on our concerns – how do we do this?
  • Having courageous conversations shifts everything – what does it take?
  • Bridging the divide that exists within ourselves will bridge what divides us in the world – where does this exist in you?

I will be there as coach and mentor, supporting the participants on the second day of the summit. And of course because I’m part of the FemmeQ Team.

For further information and tickets go to: FemmeQ London Summit 2018
And here is a beautiful trailer to get an idea what you are in for:
Trailer FemmeQ Summit

10. Februar 2018